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About This Site

This website is not endorsed by the BMYC board of directors. Some might call it "unofficial,"  and others might call it a "fan site." Regardless, the purpose of this site is to provide all residents of the community with easy-to-access information and resources. The website is private and non-commercial in nature and has no direct business affiliation with the Boca Marina Yacht Club; it is authored, edited, published, maintained and copyrighted solely by Brian Styles, a resident of the community.

Cookie Policy

A cookie is a piece of data stored on the user's hard drive containing information about the user. This website makes limited use of cookies for the purposes of allowing easy, yet secure access to the Homeowners Area of the website. This website doesn’t collect any personally identifiable information.


Content provided does not necessarily reflect the views or opinions of the Board of Directors, appointed committees or the Association's management company.

The author of this website cannot be held responsible for the content of any pages referenced by an external link.

While reasonable efforts are used to ensure all information on this website is accurate and current, such accuracy and currency can not be guaranteed and your reliance thereon is at your own risk. I am continuously trying to update the content of this website from different source and references and making it the most effective means of obtaining information on the Boca marina Yacht Club. Please help me to improve this website by providing your own opinions and feedback. Your views and comments about the information featured are encouraged.

All content, including these terms and conditions, is subject to change without notice. We suggest you review these terms and conditions each time you access this website. If you are in any doubt about the use of such material, you should consult your own solicitors or other advisers.

If you discover any information on the pages of this site which you believe to be inaccurate or outdated or for technical inquiries regarding the website please contact the webmaster by email:


No trademark to 'Boca Marina Yacht Club' is claimed by the owner of this website. The association's website, as lame and broken as it may be, is located at


This website was created as a resource by Brian Styles, a BMYC resident, for any and all BMYC residents to enjoy. The content was created by Styles' on his own time and at his own expense. The association did not ask for the site to be created, did not help and did not pay for Styles' efforts or time. Styles created this site because he found the information useful and thought it would be useful to other residents as well. This site is protected under fair use and the First Amendment.

In 2009, for reasons unknown, the BMYC board of directors decided, that Styles was no longer a 'good neighbor' (at least that his how director Alan Rabinowitz so eloquently stated it in an email his mistakenly cc'd to Styles). Shortly thereafter, director Steve Schoepp called Styles and demanded that Styles relinquish control of his website. When Styles refused their unexpected and unwarranted demands, the board conspired with some local mom-and-pop company called Spearhead Multimedia (which can't seem to be found as an active company on to download my content and the republish it (verbatim) under a different domain name. In fact, the only content changed was the copyright notice from "Brian Styles" to "Spearhead Multimedia." Styles attempted to contact SpearheadMM and left a message. No return call, but later that day, the copyright notice on their site was changed to "(C) Boca Marina Homeowner's Association." Styles attorney sent a cease and desist letter to both Spearhead and BMYC management. This resulted in them voluntarily shutting down their infringing site. The board then spent additional money to hire the law firm of Rothstein, Rosenfeldt & Adler to defend them at the homeowner's expense (you may recognize that now-defunct firm as the one that was convicted and shut-down for a 1.2 billion dollar Ponzi scheme). Months after the costly (and totally unnecessary) threats of legal action, Spearhead Multimedia and the board reorganized, reworded and republished the bulk of Styles' original content (though half of the content and links remains broken still in 2015).

As the copyright holder and a BMYC homeowner, Styles was disgusted at the board's complete lack of ethics. He feel each member of the board back then (Ed Zimski, Alan Rabinowitz, Judy Brennan, Steve Schoepp and Dave Bergman) should have been held accountable, however, as an owner who's homeowner dues were being wasted on unnecessary legal matters, he felt it best to simply table any potential litigation.

Styles promises to continue to keep the informative site updated for BMYC residents and the surrounding community to benefit from, regardless of whatever the brilliant board of directors thinks is best for you.


The content of this website may not be reproduced or reused without the express written consent of the author.

Copyright (C) 2009-2024, by Brian Styles. All Rights Reserved.

Copyright © 2008-2024 Brian Styles. All rights reserved. Legal Information.